Customer Testimonials

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A selection of testimonials is below:

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, (Raymond Williamson): What a thrill I received yesterday afternoon. The results not just met but exceeded my wildest expectations. Congratulations and grateful thanks to you both.

This instrument will transform those works performed by the RSNO which require an organ where they have previously brought in a hire instrument and enable them to programme works they would not have dared perform with a brought in instrument – to say nothing of the recital possibilities.

I can hardly wait for the official opening.

Aylesbury Methodist Church, (Derrick Matthews, Organist): Under your admirable leadership, ‘Church Organ World’ has in my opinion become the leading UK company for digitals organs. May your success continue.

Rushden Methodist Church (Alan Hudson, Organist): I have just spent three and a half hours playing your organ! I used to think that the people in your advertisements must be somewhat deluded in their praise of your instruments, not any more! It is my 45th birthday tomorrow and I feel that all my Christmases and birthdays have come all at once. My sincere congratulations on a magnificent instrument ….. mark me down as a convert! Thanks to you and Wesley Music for giving me and the church an opportunity to experience Copeman Hart.

Epsom College (Martin Ellis, College Organist): Thanks to the teamwork of Copeman Hart and the patience of Ernest Hart in fulfilling my endless requests regarding the voicing, we have a superb instrument which contains all the organ colours that we could wish for, both in performance and for teaching purposes.

St George’s Royal Chapel, Windsor (Jonathan Rees Williams, Organist and Master of the Choristers): Thank you indeed for again supplying me with a magnificent instrument while we refurbished our pipe organ. With your usual patience and expertise you managed to give us a splendid sound which suited all our demands, and for that we are truly grateful. Many visitors to the Chapel remarked that they were pleased that the pipe organ was back in service, when actually they were hearing the Copeman Hart.

Thank you, too, for being so prepared to come at a moment’s notice to help us when we needed to alter the position of the speakers and console - the Chapel was very impressed with your professionalism in responding instantly to our needs.

St Anne’s, Fence (Dr John Bertalot Cathedral Organist Emeritus, Blackburn Cathedral): When we invited you to create an organ for our parish church, near Burnley in Lancashire, we knew that we would get a superb instrument, because so many leading British organists, including the president of the Royal College of Organists, had told us that you are the best in the business.

But we little thought that our new Copeman Hart organ would prove to be one of the very finest church organs in the diocese of Blackburn. It’s not that it sounds like a pipe organ, but that it sounds like the very finest pipe organ.

Most digital organs which I have played have to some greater or lesser degree a suspicion of ‘electronics’ that gives the game away that they are not, in fact, pipe organs. But your instrument, installed in our small church, sounds like the ‘real thing’ in every stop. The principal choruses are superb - so clear and so majestic; the wealth of flutes and mutations give us an almost inexhaustible palette of colours; the reeds are thrilling indeed - including two en chamades, and the 32s are magnificent - right down to bottom C.

Every stop has its own personality - this is an organ of real character, equal to the best of pipe organs. Every stop, whether played singly or in combination, makes real music to delight the ear and to uplift the soul. At the dedication service last Sunday our congregation was swept away by its grandeur and beauty. No words of praise are too high for what you have done for us.

This is the most exciting and versatile digital organ I have ever played - it’s such a privilege to have it in my church. If I may say so, you are such an easy person to work with - always seeking the best for us and always willing to try the suggestions I made during the final voicing. I so admired the endless hours you spent seeking the best and most appropriate sounds for our church. Your painstaking work on our behalf repaid enormous dividends.

How good it was to meet members of your staff who are equally helpful and also so fully professional in their work. The console they built for us is a beautiful piece of furniture and it is a delight to play.

I received an e mail today from the director of music of Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, who has a Copeman Hart in his school chapel. (Tony Blair was a pupil there.) I quote: ‘Ernest is such a nice bloke, and his after sales service is top notch.’

I am lost in admiration for the miracles that you have wrought for us and thank you so very much.

Taunton School Chapel (David Bridges, Organist): As you probably guessed, I was more than a little ‘wary’ about the realities of a Digital Electronic Organ ever being able to replace the old dear that currently sits in Chapel! I remember you saying that you could provide an instrument that was not only as good as, but better than our current specimen – how could I have ever doubted you! There are some fine sounds to the new instrument and I am looking forward to putting it through its paces. For the first time in sixteen years, I shall actually look forward to playing in Chapel – thank you for making that a reality. I shall also enjoy being able to broaden my repertoire and begin to develop my own professional skills as an organist once more.